Abstract Man on Beach



We are Meg & Reli, an indie pop duo and couple based in West Hollywood, CA. Our story began 5 years ago when Reli was looking for a background singer for one of her gigs and Meg's friend was recommended. By chance (or call it fate), the friend couldn't do the gig so Meg jumped in. Years later the universe brought us back together in 2019 at a party and we've been dating and making music ever since! We love singing and collaborating together and are passionate about being a voice for the LGBTQ+ community.

With everything we do, we lead with intention. Our latest release When Somebody Loves You tells the story of falling for women who didn't feel the same and while these experiences were challenging to go through they ultimately helped us grow and taught us valued lessons about self love, authenticity, owning your truth and following your heart. And that's the inspiring message we want to share with the world. Check out our official music video filmed in quarantine.